EIT Health Investors Network

BIO CM is a founding member of EIT Health (www.eithealth.eu) and has initiated and established the EIT Health Investors Network.

The purpose of the EIT Health Investor’s Network is involving partners of the EIT Health consortium and the private equity community in an interactive way to develop start-ups and SMEs via financing and co-investments. Initially based on an – and used as a blueprint – investors community in North Rhine-Westphalia, where institutional and private investors (Business Angels), state development banks etc. get together for co-investments in and development of start-ups, this private equity community has developed further under the auspices of EIT Health. Since 2018, the project is coordinated by Paris based Angels Sainte on the European level with BIO CM performing the German activities of the project.


As the central tool of the EIT Health Investors Network we have designed and launched the online platform www.startups4.eu which offers access to private and venture capital for life science start-ups and SMEs – and at the same time gives investors a convenient instrument to screen for innovative young life science enterprises looking for financing. If you are a representative of a European life science start-up or SME, you can – after a quick registration process – present your company by uploading a 3 minute video giving you the chance to introduce your company, product, business idea and team. If you are a private investor, business angel, representative of a venture capital or corporate venture fonds, startups4.eu gives you the opportunity to screen and select young companies according to the properties of your portfolio. Startups4.eu represents the first step in the matchmaking procedure: investors are invited to select the companies that they are interested to learn more about. In the second step, BIO CM will invite both, the selected companies and the investors for personal, confidential face-to-face meetings to Düsseldorf as part of the format “BIO.NRW Business Angel Circle”.