EIT Health Bridgehead – Take your business abroad

BIO Clustermanagement NRW GmbH (BIO CM) was a catalyst in the EIT Health Bridgehead program from 2020 to 2023, offering its services to start-ups and small businesses in the fields of biotechnology and life sciences.

Bridgehead matches highly qualified healthcare entrepreneurs with suitable catalysts that facilitate their internationalization into new European markets (Bridgehead Europe/ Inbound) and non-European markets (Bridgehead Global). The catalysts are clusters, networks or incubators that are experts in the target country and support start-ups with their local knowledge and contacts.

Through its network and experience, BIO CM qualified as a catalyst for Germany and China by sharing its expertise with start-ups and SMEs. BIO CM provided regulatory, financial and cultural support, such as partner and region identification, trade fairs and conferences, business agreement support, stakeholder management and customized workshops, e.g. on local reimbursement and regulatory systems.

BIO CM is not only located in Germany’s largest federal state and is in close contact with science and industry, but also had Chinese-speaking employees in Germany and China, which ideally connected Europe and the Far East. This enabled BIO CM to effectively promote the market entry in Germany and China.

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