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BIO CM has a long term successful history in project management of both kinds, public and private funded projects (see example projects presented in detail above). We offer administrative support in R&D projects, i.e. organization of workshops and symposia, composition of reports and studies, dissimination of results and further supporting actions.

BIO CM在公共和私人资助的项目管理方面有着长期而又富有经验的成功历史(详情请参见网站中的项目介绍)。 我们在研发项目中提供支持,比如组织研讨会和专题讨论会,撰写报告以及研究报告,此外,还有信息传播及更深入的项目支持。


One central activity from the very start on until today has been the organization of events of various kinds. Whether hosting a BIO-Europe conference in Cologne (2015) with about 4.500 attendees, the German Biotech Days in 2016, Cologne (more than 900 participants) or dedicated workshops and specialized meetings with 30-50 experts, BIO CM with much passion and professionality – covers all aspects of logistics and content management.

从开始承办活动至今,我们成功举办了各种形式不同的活动。无论是在2015年科隆举办的约有4.500人参加的BIO-Europe会议; 还是在2016年,科隆举办的德国生物技术日 (此次活动,有超过900名参与者,以及30至50名专家组成的专门研讨会), BIO CM都充满热情,用专业的态度去管理包括物流在内的所有事项。


BIO CM planning, implementing and handling your advertisement (digital, web, print) and giving a „face“ to your activities or company. We offer location promotion and marketing for the respective region.

在广告营销方面,BIO CM 为您提供不同时期的项目策划,实施及其处理(包括数字,网络,印刷)为您的活动及公司添彩。最后我们还为您提供相关的区域推广以及市场营销。